1. Using the company (Walmart)
  2. You have been working with each environment individually; now it’s time to integrate and synthesize.


  1. Perform research (minimum of 3 sources in APA format).


  1. Analyze each environment collectively by incorporating theories learned.


  1. How are the individual environments working together for your chosen company?


  1. How is each working with the other environments?


  1. Is an environment causing limitations on another? If so, which environments are involved and what are the limitations?


  1. What could you change to create synergy? Your answer cannot be that you wouldn’t change a thing. You must incorporate critical thinking (see resources).

LO – 8 – Given a company, the student will be able to identify the studied environments (domestic, global, technological, political-legal, sociocultural, and economic) of that company, combine these environments, and develop a final analysis that synthesizes government regulations for the domestic and global environments, hard and soft technology for the company, the political-legal barriers for the company in the domestic and global environments, the sociocultural factors of the domestic and global environments of the company, and two economic theories for the domestic and global environments.

  1. Identify and discuss the ways that gender inequalities in the public sphere have an impact on women’s lives in the private sphere. Sociology-Gender Inequalities-Women
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