The dangers of social media on young adults ages 18-25

Remember, this week you will be writing an essay, similar to Goodman’s essay in our earlier reading, that illustrates the dangers of media in modern times for young adults ages 18-25. You will include television, social media, streaming video, YouTube, chat rooms, forums, Craigslist, and all forms of entertainment for college-age young adults. You will be required to support your essay with at least two primary or secondary sources.Your essay should be at least 1000 words, not including the works cited page, and you should clearly demonstrate that you can weave-in occasional small, one-two sentence quotes and paraphrases from your sources to help support your original thoughts on your topic. Your essay will be submitted to a plagiarism checker, so be sure to adhere to MLA citation methods when quoting and paraphrasing any outside information. Remember, any data, figures, and statistics that are not common knowledge will need to be cited. You will also need to provide a works cited page as your last page. Please refer to the MLA citation tab in your LB Brief and/or any online citation generators when crafting your works cited page.

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