Role of tourism and hospitality in economic growth and development

Assessment two Topic: The Role of tourism and hospitality in economic growth and development. Assessment type: Essay Weighting: 30% Word Limit: 1,200 words Due: Wensday 14 th October 9:00 am. Required: Prepare a paper for the government of Greece explaining a minimum of three (3) ways that the tourism and hospitality industry can contribute to positive economic growth and devolopment. Your explanaition should include: a) The components of GDP that are impacted. b) Direct, indirect and induced contributions to economic growth and devolopment. c) Referance to examples from other economies (local, national, or global) to support your suggesstions. These examples may be broadly related to the industry or be chosen from a particular area of interest in foods, hospitality, tourism and events. Essay Weighting: 3 0% Word Limit: 1,2 00 words Due : Part 1 – Wednesday 14 th October 9.00am Part 2 – Thursday October 15th (Groups A – D) Friday October 16th (Groups E &F)

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