Reflected Best Self (RBS) exercise

In this assignment you will utilize qualitative 360-degree feedback provided by others about you at a time when you have been at your best.
Aim: The aim of this assignment is to promote self-reflection and mindfulness by identifying areas of personal strength and building positive self-perception. While it concentrates on ‘best-self’, it should be recognized that ‘less ideal or not so positive’ moments are integral to developing a picture of one’s self and in building resilience. Hence, this assignment should not be viewed as the entire self-portrait, even though it is a critical component of self-esteem…

Details: Some of the world’s leading positive psychologist and organisational development experts developed the Reflected Best Self (RBS) exercise, making it a powerful, well-designed tool for learning. RBS is one of the most powerful exercises for developing a deeper level understanding of one’s own strengths and virtues required for developing ‘leadership capabilities’. The exercise is both challenging and insightful and its completion requires a series of steps.

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