Psychosocial development theory

This week’s media segment traces the developmental journey of one college student. Jillian talks about the issues she has faced in defining herself, her path in life, and her relationship with others.
For this week’s first discussion, select the psychosocial development theory that, in your opinion, best describes Jillian’s journey (Chickering, Marcia, Josselson, Bronfenbrenner, Renn, or Helms).
Post your responses to the following questions: •Utilize the theory to describe Jillian’s journey. How do key issues or events in her life “fit” with the theory?
•Reflect on one of Jillian’s decisions or choices. According to the theory you’ve chosen, how would her life have been different if she had not acted or if she had made a different choice?
•What role did Jillian’s environment (e.g., friends, family, college) play in her developmental process? Would Jillian have changed in the same ways if she had not attended college?
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