1. Each Soldier will write a PEM. The intent of this project is for each NCO to demonstrate his ability to articulate his ideas in writing effectively and allow the SGI to evaluate those writing skills. Soldiers will compose their document in accordance with the Army Writing Standard. The PEM should be worthy of publication in a professional journal.
2. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a monograph as “a scholarly book or article on a specific or usually limited subject.” Monographs must be based on a personal experience of the author and a worthy topic. This project can be based on any experience while serving in the military. The experience is not necessarily a positive or negative event, however, an event that others could learn from if published. Personal experiences may include, but are not limited to, an operational or tactical mission, a training event, or even a personal leadership experience. The monograph must include a thesis statement, a narrative describing the experience, analysis of the experience, and lessons learned from the experience. I encourage each NCO to reference historical and/or doctrinal material.

Front cover
 Rank, Author name
 Title – e.g., name of event, operation, Task Force (TF), unit deployed and dates
 Date of monograph
 Class number
 Classification (unclassified unless otherwise indicated)
Table of Contents
 Personal background
 Unit/organizational background
 Operation and operational situation leading up to event(s)
 Tactical situation leading up to event(s)
Description of event(s)
 Immediate, tactical results
 Impact on larger tactical, operational or higher-level events
 Immediate
 For future operations
Bibliography (list any outside sources used – books, articles, specific documents)
Appendixes – examples of possible attachments/inclusions
 Maps/battle graphics
 Organization chart/MTOE(s)
 Calendar(s)
 Key memos, policy guidance, messages, emails,
 Certificates/citations for awards
 Photos/other audiovisual documentation – e.g., gun camera clips, videotape, CDs
 After-action review (AAR) or briefing(s) already prepared or given
 Draft or published articles written on subject.

Samples of monograph format can be given upon request. Paper dosent have to be military related at all. Just talk about a personal experience.

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