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Profiling and discrimination are alive and well both in  our private lives and in the public sector.  People are very judgmental and make decisions on what they think about you as a person, how you conduct yourselves, how you present yourselves, your grammar, your writing and whether or not we should even hire you in the CJ field.  Let’s face it folks; with thousands of people graduating with masters degrees in CJ and other degree areas…why do you think you should even be considered for a job?   Some will say experience…yeah so what?  People with masters degrees have experience too and they have something you don’t.  Profiling is done in the CJ system, many who work in law enforcement will not admit  it and I don’t expect you to either on this board.  Do you see these two concepts as problems in your life or future life?  What can you do about it if anything?  Your thoughts this week.

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