Nursing Roles and Values Essay

1. Select two of the following nursing roles: Provider of care, designer of care, manager of care, coordinator of care, and member of the profession. Explain how evidence-based practice, research, and theory knowledge relates to these roles. (8 points) 2. Choose one of the following professional values (caring, altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, social justice) and discuss how it relates to your use of evidence-based practice. Give examples. (8 points) 3. Describe the reason(s) you have chosen to pursue a BSN. (4 points) 4. How do these reasons compare or contrast to the professional values (from question #2) held by the nursing profession? (5 points) 5. Paper will be graded for organization, grammar, spelling, adequate length (3 pages plus title page & reference page), correct APA format, (title page, in-text referencing, numbering, margins, and reference page). (45 points) Resources: NU 363 Information; Leadership Roles and Management Function in Nursing.2014, 8th ed. Marquis & Huston; Lippincott Nursing Research Reading, Using, and Creating Evidence, 3rd ed. Janet House

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