Most memorable moment of your life

Essay #1: Descriptive Essay Assignment Sheet
Consider the most memorable moment of your life up to this point Review the selections we read in Back to the Lake.
you DESCRIBE that event.
. Write an essay where
Editing Guidelines:
1. Use your A Quick Guide to Writing Essays to check your verb choice, sentence construction, and paragraph format.
2. Be sure that your paper uses MLA formatting and documentation throughout the entire essay including the Works Cited page.
3. Be sure to visit the Success Center to have a tutor help you with your weakest element. The tutors WILL NOT read your entire paper and edit it for you; however, they will address your specific concerns.
4. Ask questions early and often.
Submission Guidelines:
The final draft of the essay should be submitted through Angel using the appropriate TurnItIn drop box. Once the drop box expires, you will not be able to submit your essay; in addition, any essay that scores 40% or more plagiarized will receive a 0.
Use MLA format. Information on correct MLA format can be found in your copy of A Quick Guide to Writing Essays. Be sure to read the out of class grading rubric in the writing guide to be sure your paper falls within the grade you desire.
You need an introduction, at two-four body paragraphs, and a conclusion for this essay. Essays that do not meet the length requirement automatically receive a D-F for failing to clearly respond to the assignment.

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