The Standard Claim form of a definition thesis is: X represents Y because it has features A, B, C. Purpose: You are reading poems that deal with, whether indirectly or directly, the concept of LOVE. You goal is to now write a definition claim that seeks to define LOVE. Works to consider: Poems: “First Poem for You” Addonizio, “Lonely Hearts” Cope , “ Sex Reubenesque” Leithauser, “Simile” Momaday, “Shall I Compare Thee” Moss, “First Love” Stallings Assignment: You need to first start with your elements of what LOVE is, contains, or embodies. List at least three elements. Once you have determined your elements you can choose an appropriate poem to represent your argument. Insert LOVE for Y and your chosen work for X.. An example thesis looks like this: “Sex Reubenesque” by Hailey Leithauser best defines LOVE X Y because it examines elements of passion, realistic expectations, and humanness. A B C You must use two other works which do NOT fit your definition of love to show contrast. (This means that in addition to your chosen work, you have to reference lines from two additional poems you’ve read in this section.) AUDIENCE: Ask yourself: to whom does this argument matter? Why should my claim matter to them? How will this audience’s needs and assumptions shape my argument strategy? Make sure it’s clear why your readers should care about the topic and give them enough information to understand your position. At some point in your argument, explain to your readers why you think it’s important to define LOVE. What are the implications of your claim? You essay should be a minimum of 3 pages long, typed, double-spaced, and carefully proofread. You should format your essay according to MLA guidelines and include an additional Works Cited page after four full pages of text. My instructor want me to write a paper to define love base on 1 of these poems that were listed above. I have to choose 3 elements that were expressed in the chosen poem and write about them. Then I have to choose 2 other poems (also among these poems) which don’t fit my definiton of love. I would like to choose “First poem for you” is my main poem. Love expressed in this poem is acceptance, understanding and the third one I still not know yet (maybe steadfastness, compromise, commitment or passion…), and 2 other poems maybe “Simile” and “First love: a quiz” . The deadline is Monday, Sep 14th. Here is the outline that I have to follow to complete the essay: 1. Hook -> Introductory -> Thesis (Poem “First poem for you” with 3 elements: acceptance, understanding and…) 2. Talk about element 1 (acceptance) -> 1 Quote from poem (MLA) -> So what? 3. Talk about element 2 (understanding) -> 1 Quote from poem (MLA) -> So what? 4. Talk about element 3 -> 1 Quote from poem (MLA) -> So what? 5. Talk about 1st poem doesn’t fit (“Simile” expresses the fear or the distrust, just pick 1) -> 2 Quotes from poem (MLA) -> So what? 6. Talk about 2nd poem doesn’t fit (“First love” expresses the pain) -> 2 Quotes from poem (MLA) -> So what? 7. Audience. 8. Conclusion. Thank you so much for helping me. I hope to receive the essay from you soon. Best regard.

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