International Fallacies

Find 3 fallacies  
From political debate it can any kind of debate like formal debate
You do you actually find transcripts of this debates them. You can easy find them you just go online and write Obama and Rime debate and that will lead you to many website that have transcripts. 

find 4 fallacies
It must be from: – magazines or newspaper or books or TV commercials or TV shows or somethings defined on movies

Do not get examples of this fallacies from any logic text book or from website like informal it will not be accepted 

What you need to do with this 

You need to submit 7 pages each pages should look like this. You should type just the passage do not type the whole argument or the article, I am just asking you to pull out from the article a relevant passages that you find fallacies and type it up. After that, write the source and the date, after that identify the fallacies that committed. After identify the fallacies, you need to explain why you think commit for fallacies. Is not enough for you to simply repeat how you defined each fallacies as your explanation. Your explanation must be directly relevant from the passage that you actually stated or resented.  
Total source 7
Total pages 7

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