Industrial Relations in Asia Pacific Region

Word count:  2,500 words

You are to research, analyse and debate one of the following topics:

The impact of multinational firms on local labour markets. Compare and contrast two different countries 
studied in this unit. 

The countries to be compared are between Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, and Japan (Choose any two)

Arguments are to be supported with relevant and current case studies and/or examples.

You must substantiate your argument and discussion with quality peer-reviewed academic sources,as well as  research reports and policy documents, case studies and authoritative 

sources covering current affairs (grey literature). You must use at least 6-8  scholarly academic sources for this report.

The report must comply with a report format, including an executive summary (not included in the word count), introduction, appropriate headings and a conclusion. A guide is available on Blackboard 
under the ‘Assessments’ tab.

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