HSM 210 Complete Class

Week One: Historical Evolution and Current Services

Discussion Questions

CheckPoint: Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill

Week Two: Role of Human Services in Meeting Needs

CheckPoint: Researching Human Service Agencies

Assignment: Contemporary Problems

Week Three: Theoretical Perspectives and Social Policy

Discussion Questions

Week Four: Social Policy and Government Regulations

CheckPoint: Differentiating Between Public and Private Organizations

Assignment: Examining Government Regulations

Week Five: Community Advocacy

Discussion Questions

Exercise: Critical Thinking

Week Six: Prevention

CheckPoint: Determining Levels of Prevention

Assignment: Prevention

Week Seven: Values and Ethical Issues in the Delivery of Human Services

Discussion Questions

CheckPoint: Comparing Values

Week Eight: Characteristics of the Human Service Worker

CheckPoint: Evaluating Communication Strategies

Assignment: Characteristics and Skills

Week Nine: Careers in Human Services

Capstone Discussion Question

Final Project: Reflection Project

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