ECO 561 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment: International Paper

Resources: The data compiled from the University of Phoenix Material – Big Drive Auto in Week Four (or the material from your own organization in which you faculty member has approved)
Write a 700- to 1,050- word paper addressing the following issues in the context of the scenario:
  • Identify and justify the macroeconomic measures of output and prices which you have selected for Big Drive Auto’s planning.
  • What are the relationships between the organization’s data and the macroeconomic measures you have selected?
  • Explain how specific planning and operating decisions at the organization can be improved using the macroeconomic data.
  • How would you get reliable forecasts of these macroeconomic variables?
  • In your planning, how would you deal with the uncertainty in macroeconomic forecasts?
  • How do business cycles affect the performances of Big Drive Auto (or the organization of your choice)? What could the organization do to mitigate any undesirable effects of business cycles?
  • Identify to what extent tariffs or quotas would affect international trade in your product.
  • How would you pay for imports, receive payment for exports, and manage exchange rate risk?
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