Differences between men and women and their sex drive


Differences between men and women and their sex drive.


Paper must incorporate a minimum of 10 peer reviewed journal articles. Additional articles or use of textbooks allowed as additional.

Research Paper Content Requirements:    

  1. Introduction. States the purpose of the paper, the importance of the topic, and an educated guess (a hypothesis) as to what the outcome may be.
  1. Review of the Literature.  Organizes into related groups the data and information, and presents summarizations (using limited direct quotes, best to use your own words) of the conclusions of the study, review, article, or whatever source used.  Use subheadings to identify the related groups
  1. Discussion. This is where you get to talk about the information you gathered from your research in an organized, coherent manner.  Again, headings and subheadings should be used to guide the reader.
  1. Summary (or) Conclusion.  This is where you summarize the conclusions you have reached by the subject of the research—including whether that educated guess (hypothesis) in the beginning proved to be true or not.  These conclusions are to be based solely on the data cited in the paper and the information gained from your observations and your research, and not on any personal bias or viewpoint that arises from your own value system or experience. You should objectively identify correlations and contrasts in the data sources.  You would also engage in a reasoned argument as to why those correlations and contrasts occurred in the manner they did. You can and should, however, then take a paragraph or two at the very end of the conclusion to “say your piece.”  Use this to engage reflectively in how this information was received by you initially, and as the project developed. It is important, however, to keep your statements reasoned, and tentative enough to assure the reader that you are open to other viewpoints and critique.
  1. References. APA format, and be careful about accuracy—especially when it pertains to Internet sources.
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