critical learning points

Consider all the information covered in class — instructor comments and presentations, guest speaker presentations, discussions, and classmate presentations. Simply providing information form the textbooks or other sources not covered in class is not acceptable.
• For each class identify what you believe are the three most critical learning points covered in that class (you may identify more than three, but you are to document the three most critical in your judgment).
• This means that you will generate 42 Critical Learning’s over the 14 weeks. During your last week of class you must also answer the last question and then submit your paper in the Assignments Section of Canvas Remember the due date is May 6th at 6 pm.
Please note – papers without a name will not be graded.
Document your learning’s including the following items:
Three Learning Points For Each Class – not what you have read, but rather what you learned in class from Instructor presentations, classmate presentations, guest speaker presentations, and class discussions.
• The three most critical learning points. (Note: state your key learning in no more than two sentences – be concise and to the point)
• Explain why this is a critical learning point?

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