Compare and contrast the classical and humanistic perspectives of work

Compare and contrast the classical and humanistic perspectives of work using two examples from popular media reports (e.g., magazine or newspaper articles, journal case studies, stories, blogs, websites,etc)


Please see the marking rubric for thisresearch essay(end of page).


Please note:•


This  is an academic research essay not an opinion piece

Your writing should demonstrate critical thinking.

There must be evidence of research in this essay .

The marking rubric demonstrates80% of your grade will be assessing your ability to research sources, understand concepts and theories, reference them, and apply theory to back up your arguments.

A lack of research evidence makes it impossible to pass the essay Instructions.


  1. Consult chapter 2: The evaluation of management thinking (prescribed textbook)
  2. Find an example each from apopular media source exemplifying the classical and humanistic perspective


  1. Describe how and why each of your examples illustrates the classical or humanistic approach


  1. Compare and contrast the two approaches applying theory to your two examples


  1. Attach a copy of each of your examples in the appendices of your assignment.
  2. This assignment is 1500 words and not one word less or more.  Exactly 1500 without References.
  3. In this essay there must be concepts and theories and research evidence.
  4. Please follow Markeing Criteria very carefully as it give you clear insturactions
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