Communication Guide: Social media and branding

Communication Guide: Social media and branding

Can you assist me with the following:

Review the required resources identified for this week on the use of communication and social media guides:- The Tempered Radical. Retrieved from
The Tempered Radical. Retrieved from
Social Media in Schools. Retrieved from ( Plan to Communicate. The Edge of Tomorrow. Retrieved from

Locate and read the posted communication and social media guidelines for your local school system (usually found on the district web site and may be called Internet Policies, or Acceptable Use Guides): ( Does your school system utilize social media such as supporting an official Facebook page, Twitter account, or an email/text messaging system?

1. What efforts do you see by area businesses and community groups to ‘brand’ themselves using social media?

2. Do you feel that the development of a social media presence would help or hinder your initiative or efforts to strengthen and ‘brand’ programs in your community? Why? (New Jersey)

Develop a communication guide document that supports you and your community’s position on social media. Be sure to consider the recommendations for designing with flexibility. Also, be sure to support your guidelines with outside sources and include references. Attach and/or link your document.

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