Characteristics of and distinctions between successful leaders and managers.

1.1) Analyse the functions of people management and distinguish between leaders and managers.
INDICATIVE CONTENT: Objective setting and goal achievement., Characteristics of and distinctions between successful leaders and managers.
1.2) Identify the respective roles and responsibilities of line managers and the HR function.
INDICATIVE CONTENT: Leadership theories including Adair, Blanchard , McClelland , Blake and Mouton
1.3)Define the personal qualities and managerial skills that are capable of influencing staff behavior positively.
INDICATIVE CONTENT: Motivation theory ,McGregor , Vroom.
1.4) Explain the links between staff motivation and business performance.
INDICATIVE CONTENT: Characteristics of successful teams, Belbin
1.5) Evaluate the costs and benefits of staff training and development
INDICATIVE CONTENT: Competences and competencies, interpersonal skills.
1.6) Ensure that operational policies and practices are aligned with strategic HR policies.
INDICATIVE CONTENT: Employment law, ethical behavior, equality and diversity,training and development, employee welfare, Ensure that operational policies and practices are aligned with strategic HR policies.

2.1) Communicate expectations and requirements unequivocally
INDICATIVE CONTENT: Organisational expectations(performance, standards and values)
2.2) Lead by example, exhibiting organizational standards of presentation ,behavior and performance.
INDICATIVE CONTENT: Conflict resolution techniques
2.3) Arrange for suitable training that meets identified development  needs to maximize business benefit
2.4) Deal promptly with problems and underperformance, giving objective and constructive feedback
INDICATIVE CONTENT:  Managing underperformance , The “learning organization”., Delegation.
2.5) Identify and manage conflict sensitivity but firmly
INDICATIVE CONTENT: Learning theories

3.1) Develop HR Strategy and systems to implement policies that are consistent with operational priorities, objectives and values.
3.2) Manage HR processes in accordance with organizational policy.
3.3) Deploy human resources in order to optimize business performance, individual staff satisfaction and retention.
3.4) Evaluate the effectiveness of HR policies and processes and recommend improvements.
INDICATIVE CONTENT FOR( 3.1-3.4): Designing policies(example, criteria for choice of recruitment & selection method, release methods, operation of discipline and grievance procedures, succession planning).
Objective setting, managing appraisals , release(processes , timetable, standards).
Retention:impact,incentives,management of turnover

INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Please I was asked to select an organization of my choice so please use this organization for the work and please be making most references to the organization which is VILLA MONTICELLO HOTEL.Example at Villa Monticello,The HR is very….
2) Please write the report taking into consideration the indicative content.
3) Please make references at the end of the report such as references made from books (author’s name,book title and edition and page numbers were references were made.), as well as webisites to avoid plagiarism 
4)Please start by explaining HR and its concept.It should be brief

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