Cause and Effect

We are now in the rhetorical mode section of the course. In other words, we will be looking at and discussing different modes of writing. We are starting with Cause and Effect.

 Please read Chapter 11 “Cause and Effect”, page 385-393.

Read “Live Free and Starve”, page 396.

Read “Chitra Divakruni on Writing” page 400 and  “Plata o Plomo: Silver or Lead” page 402.

Also, read “The Squeeze”, page 409; “Charles Fishman on Writing” page 414; “The Rise and Fall of the Hit” page 416; and “Chris Anderson on Writing, page 423.

Once you read the assigned selections, choose one of the “Suggestions for Writing” on page 422-423, from numbers 2 and 3.

Write an essay, two to three pages long, on either number 2or 3 in “Suggestions for Writing.”

You do not need MLA citation for this paper.

Set up your papers as you have learned to do in this class: One inch margins all the way around, 1/2 inch indents, 12 point font, your name, my name, Essay 4, the due date, and then title your paper. An automatic five points will be deducted for failing to title your essay. Please be creative. “Essay 4” for your title shows a lack of imagination and caring. As always, use your best grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 

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