Case study on Panera Bread

Three popular cases have been assigned for you to analyze. The cases are designed to test/develop your ability to conduct research and analysis. As is often the case in a real-world setting, no case information is provided which means that you are expected to research and analyze the assigned company. Hence, you will conduct online searches, etc. to acquire the information required to submit formal responses for the following four questions for all assigned cases: 1. How would you describe key aspects of the company’s marketing strategy in general and as it relates to its target market, product, price, place, promotion, and competition? Identify other important areas. 2. What are the particular strengths and weaknesses of the firm’s marketing strategy based upon qualitative and quantitative metrics? Identify key strengths and weaknesses and provide supporting performance metrics, which support your claim. 3. Does the firm’s marketing strategy seem to be consistent with its overall business strategy? Discuss aspects of both strategies. Explain and use persuasive and compelling examples. 4. What would you do differently to improve the firm’s marketing strategy and performance? Present specific recommendations. Provide supporting logic and relevant implementation specifics. These written analyses should be based on individual efforts. Grades will be assigned to each case based upon your insightful and well-supported responses to the questions. Graduate-level writing, spelling, and grammar skills are expected and will be evaluated. Your documents should be single-spaced using 12 point type with a serif font (i.e. Times New Roman) and no longer than three pages of text. Do not change the preset margin settings. Please label the document and number the pages. Be sure to list references. Print and bring your written case analyses to class on the day they are due. Keep in mind that these assignments are designed to evaluate a number of skill sets required to be successful at the graduate level and in a real-world setting. A Case qualifies for an “A” grade if it meets the following criteria: thoroughly addresses all main points and sub points for each question; demonstrates strong paragraph structures; utilizes strong topic sentences for paragraphs; doesn’t attempt to cover too many or disparate topics in one paragraph; is free from grammatical and spelling errors; adheres to formatting and length requirements; includes the author’s name, the case name, the date, and the course name/number. All cases are due within the first five minutes of class on the days listed on the Schedule of Class Activities. Submissions made after the first five minutes are considered late.

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