Banning public places such as bars, night clubs, bowling alleys, and restaurants from serving alcohol would reduce DUI and public intoxication

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This essay must include a minimum of five sources. Three should peer-reviewed sources. Make the essay is written in third person.

An outline has been attached to follow

Topic: Several public places encourages the consumption of alcohol.  Serving alcohol in public places such as the bowling alley, bars, night clubs, and restaurants encourages public intoxication and DUI (driving under the influence).  
Thesis statement: Banning public places such as bars, night clubs, bowling alleys, and restaurants from serving alcohol would reduce DUI and public intoxication.
Topic explanation: Banning alcohol from public places could be an alternative way of reducing DUI and public intoxication. Currently the prevention methods for this issue are: mass communication campaigns, traffic safety control, and other alcohol control policies such as laws that forbid drinking and driving. These current preventive method do not seem to as effective because there are still several arrests for DUI and public intoxication. There are many car accidents a year due to driving under the influence that often ends in fatalities.
If the government created to a law that banned public places such as restaurants, bowling alleys, night clubs, and bars from severing alcohol there will be a tremendous decrease in DUI and public intoxication. If alcohol was not served at these location it would force people to consume alcohol in their own homes. This minimizes the amount of people leaving these public locations intoxicated.
Title: Public intoxication and DUI is being encourage by society
                                                        I.            Introduction/background: Statistics on public intoxication and DUI. Briefly explain what is public intoxication and DUI, and also explain the consequences that can arise.
                                                      II.            Thesis statement: Banning public places such as bars, night clubs, bowling alleys, and restaurants from the serving alcohol would reduce DUI and public intoxication.
                                                    III.            Body Paragraph 1:
a.       Explain the methods and actions that are used to reduce DUI and public intoxication that currently exists.
b.      Discuss the various organizations and public places that serve alcohol
c.       Explain the intoxication limit ( Blood alcohol content limit)
                                                    IV.            Body Paragraph 2:
a.       Explain my proposal to have a zero tolerance on serving alcohol in public places.
b.      Discuss how this will tremendously decrease the amount of public intoxication and DUI accidents.
                                                      V.            Body Paragraph 3:
a.       Discuss the opposition to this proposal, such as these public places are heavily dependent on the sales of alcohol from a business aspect.
b.      If people cannot drink in public they would be less likely to par take in public events.
c.       The alcohol industry would suffer, thus rising cost of alcohol could be a possible outcome from the zero tolerance proposal.
                                                    VI.            Body paragraph 4:
a.       Explain and weigh out the options of both oppositions.
b.       Saving lives vs. Public places making a profit on alcohol sales
                                                  VII.            Conclusion:
a.       Briefly explain each opposition and the outcome that arise from both views.
I choose this topic because it is a big issue that society claims to be concerned about, but is not taking affirmative actions to re-gain control over the issue. Allowing people order alcohol beverages from public places is encouraging public intoxication and DUI. Many people order alcohol beverages when eating dinner at a restaurants, and still choose to drive home afterwards. In this society the limit is 0.08%, but this also encourages people to still attempt to have one drink and still drive. Drinking and driving should be a zero tolerance. I had a friend that passed away in a DUI accident. Since then I haven’t touch alcohol, not even on occasion. I can’t expect people not to drink at all, but I strongly feel it should be banned from public places. Hopefully this will encourage people to consume alcohol in their homes, and this will decrease the amount of DUI accidents.
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