article critique

What will be included in the article critique?

•    A citation of the reviewed article in APA format

•    A one-paragraph summary of the article

•    Introduction

o    Does the author clearly define a research problem or topic?
o    Does the author provide an adequate literature review?
o    Does the article discuss current research on the problem?
o    Are the research objectives clearly stated?

•    Results

o    Are the author’s major findings clearly presented?
o    Do they adequately address the stated research objectives?

•    Discussion

o    Do the research results validate the author’s conclusions and/or recommendations?
o    Are limitations of the research considered?
o    Does the author’s research suggest any direction for further research?
o    Is the practical or theoretical significance of the research emphasized?
o    Does the author recommend the revision of theory or practice in the field?

•    Conclusion – considering the needs and interests of a typical reader of the journal in which the article appears, provide your personal judgment on the suitability and adequacy of the research.  Distinguish between the overall quality of the research project, and the report of it as presented in the journal article.

o    Is the research timely and worthwhile?
o    Are the results original and significant?
o    Does the author provide fresh insight or stimulate needed discussion in the field?
o    Is the article well structured?
o    Is the presentation unbiased, objective and reasonable?

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