Initial Post: Based on your reading of Chapter 2 in the St. Martin’s Guide 10th edition h, you are now going to analyze the basic features of any 1 of the essays in chapter 2 of Sticks and Stones. Specifically…Choose any of these…Sticks and Stones p. 6-9 or In A Ditch p. 10-17 or Jet Fuel and Good Fairies p. 18-21 or The Accident p.22-27  or Almost Quitting p.28-31… NOW … read the essay CAREFULLY. In your discussion post you must:  A. write a  post that details for us a few of the rising action moments and the climactic moment from the essay you chose. Be very specific as you detail these moments and be sure to specify which moment is the climax.  B.Describe for us a scene where the description was very vivid and effective. Explain what makes it so vivid and effective. C. Tell us what you feel the autobiographical significance of this essay was (for the author) and explain why you believe this to be so. Refer to the essay specifically and frequently to support your answers. Refer back to the basic features in chapter 2 of the St. Martin’s Guide before you begin writing.
REPLIES: Remember that you must reply to 2 of your peers’ posts. Try to continue their thinking by adding to the post, ask intelligent questions, offer a different perspective on the same material, or offer up other material that you feel links well with that your peer is writing. Etc.
Each and every discussion assignment has two distinct parts:
1)    An Initial Post— Each discussion assignment starts with a prompt or topic that I put forward for you to write on. An example of this might be something like this: “From the profile essay you are working on, tell us about the subject of your profile. Explain who/what the subject is, tell us why you find the subject interesting, tell us what you’ve learned, thus far, about the subject.” In response to this, you would create an initial post to answer my question.
These posts are a minimum of 500 words. These must be very carefully edited and free of surface errors. Additionally, they should address the topic of the discussion assignment fully and be VERY specific.
When you begin to write in the discussion areas, here are some guidelines:
  • Edit your work carefully using the word processor tools (spelling and grammar), your own knowledge, and, if necessary, the help of good or professional writers (professional writing help is available for free in the writing skills center on your campus). Unedited work (work that is full of errors) is unacceptable in this class. Submitting unedited work regularly will cause you to fail the class. (After all folks, this is a college-level writing class.)
  • Be sure you write specifically with your message post and replies:
    Non-specific post: “I liked the essay because the writing was good…” This post is saying nothing. There is no specific explanation of what this “liked the essay” means nor is there a specific explanation of why the writer “liked” the essay. This is no good.
    specific post: “The essay is very effective at describing people and places. When the writer describes her Uncle Phil, she shows us his hands in great detail describing how battered they are. She also shows us the clutter and mess of his house. All this description makes you feel like you’re there with him. This works well because we begin to feel like we’re part of her world…” This is the way to do it. Be specific and refer to the essay specifically and/or the classmates post specifically.
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